Styles featured were created by Angie Upton (in photo below) The Loc Shop Huntsville AL. 

Call me for any question big or small, in regards to natural hair and nautaral looks there all small to me.  Peace and be bless the whole day.

The Loc Shop natural products and you can create your own scent, oil blends for your hair and body. See what people are saying about Angie's Whipped Shea butter.

SisTwist is a2strand twist extension and our Flagship Protective style 


Clients featured below represent styles offered and created by the Loc Shop LLC.


 Call me for big or small questions regarding natural hair and natural hair looks (hair added) or visit me at   805 Madison St. 256-858-1480  make your appointment today.


This updude is called flat twist Mohawk.  

Updude- this style is called a pythone.

Locs created in one day

Yes you read that correctly, I have a technique that I created, it allows for your hair to be loced in one day, this services takes up to 5 hours and cost range from $185 to $250.00. 

We can take you from start to finish at the Loc Shop


Cost: 185.00 to 285.00
hair included, with over 6 colors and 12 color patterns and blends.  

Created by and patented by Angie Upton in the late nineties, this 2 strand twist extension has helps women transition from perm to natural for decades.  Come into the shop and see what style works for you.


We provide maintenance on our sistwist, maianeance include a wash a front row and back row tighten up and re-curling of the ends, cost $45.00 and takes 90min.

 Color chart for our natural hair extensions.