Styles featured were created by Angie Upton (in photo below) The Loc Shop Rockford Il, and The Loc Shop Huntsville AL. 

Call me for any question big or small, in regards to natural hair and nautaral looks there all small to me.  Peace and be bless the whole day.

The Loc Shop natural products and you can create your own scent, oil blends for your hair and body. See what people are saying about Angie's Whipped Shea butter.

SisTwist is a2strand twist extension and our Flagship Protective style 

Locs of Love 

Experiencing hair loss due to chemo and/or health reasons?

We can help...

We can create a wig unit made just for you!!!

What should I do to prepare for hair loss? Make sure you will need a wig. Not all chemo causes hair loss. If your hair is long, consider having it cut short so that switching to a wig or other headwear will be less noticeable. Hair generally falls out 2-3 weeks after your first chemo treatment. Once it starts falling out, consider having your head shaved (use an electric razor to avoid cuts).

This can make you feel more in control and keeps you from waking up to find itchy hair all over your pillow. If you still need something to catch the hair, you may want to buy a Mesh Cap. Hair usually grows back about six months after chemotherapy ends. Your new hair may be curlier or straighter, thicker or finer—or even a new color. Usually this change is short term; with time your hair will very likely go back to the way it was before treatment. What kind of wig should I buy? After hearing they will lose their hair, some women rush out and buy a real hair wig. Many regret it: In addition to being expensive, real hair wigs require a lot of upkeep. Synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain and they look and feel natural. With the money you save you can try different style synthetic wigs—even different colors. As one of our customers wrote: All three of my “tlc”™ wigs look as good as the one I bought for $300! I bought each one in a different color. My husband thinks I look great! - Sally M., Fresno, CA   Choosing a color. As we age, a lighter color is often more flattering and gives a softer, more natural look.

Chemo can make your face look pale. If you have black hair, consider choosing dark brown for a more flattering look. If you’re a brunette and going grey, consider choosing a wig in a lighter shade of brown, possibly with subtle highlights. White is very flattering, too. Be adventurous! Now is your chance to experiment without paying for a long, expensive salon dye job.

Huntsville Al. is our NEW LOCATION.

805 Madison St Ste. 1-E

Bringing the latest Natural Styling from the Chi to the Chocolate City (Wash. DC) to the Ville (Huntsville Al.) 3/29/2020

Hi I'm Angie Upton Board Certified in IL/AL/MD/Wash.DC/VA. Alabama A&M University 1991 Graduate, and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Spring 88 Delta Delta Chapter.  I worked as a Lobbyist on Capital Hill in Washington DC from 1991 to 1996, after creating the world renowned Kinky Twist (SisTwist) in 1997 I left Capital Hill to open my first Natural Hair Shop "The Stress Free Zone" in Bladensburg MD.    As the owner/operator of the Loc Shop, in Huntsville AL. with over 27 years of locing and natural/protective styling I will deliver to you the best quality, latest looks and designs, all with a gentle touch (I'm not heavy handed).  My shops covered Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington DC, St. Paul MN, Maryland and Virginia. 

Create your own Products...

You can create your own products at the Loc Shop, from shampoos, conditioners, oil blends, shea butter blending, to body oils and home fragrances, all custom made by you. 

Natural Hair Unity Day...

Is a one day festival celebrating all local salons that provide natural hair care, bring awareness to the many styles and techniques offered by the beautiful stylist and barbers of Huntsville Al and surrounding areas.  Hear from salons and barber shops in the Huntsville area what they have to offer and where their located.  The Loc Shop is not here to take business but to spread business to all in our industry. The festival will be this Oct. 17th 2020 information will be forth comming.  Below are salons and clients telling their natural hair story at Unity Day 2018.


Clients featured below represent styles offered and created by the Loc Shop LLC.


 Call me for big or small questions regarding natural hair and natural hair looks (hair added) or visit me at   805 Madison St. 256-858-1480  make your appointment today.


This updude is called flat twist Mohawk.  

Updude- this style is called a pythone.

Locs created in one day

Yes you read that correctly, I have a technique that I created, it allows for your hair to be loced in one day, this services takes up to 5 hours and cost range from $185 to $250.00. 

We can take you from start to finish at the Loc Shop


Cost: 185.00 to 285.00
hair included, with over 6 colors and 12 color patterns and blends.  

Created by and patented by Angie Upton in the late nineties, this 2 strand twist extension has helps women transition from perm to natural for decades.  Come into the shop and see what style works for you.


We provide maintenance on our sistwist, maianeance include a wash a front row and back row tighten up and re-curling of the ends, cost $45.00 and takes 90min.

 Color chart for our natural hair extensions.